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Hackers Food

We hackers always try to experiment and improve things, now it’s time for food hacking.

Many of you are already aware of Soylent project which grew exponentially in USA, for those that do not know what Soylent is, here is a quick intro:

Soylent is cheap, healthy and quick way to make a meal. It is made of many nutritions that human body needs to function. It looks like some flour-like powder which you mix with water and consume it. And the recepies are OpenSource!

There are several companies on the market that make soylent-like products, with full variety of flavors. At the moment, in Slovenia, you can get Joylent, Jake and Queal, since we just got a new web store for this kind of food a few weeks ago.

Joylent is up to 2 EUR per meal, the cheapest of the three, the taste is lighter and less sweet than Queal.

Jake is more expensive (up to 3 EUR per meal), it is made without animal-derived ingredients and is fully vegan.

Queal price is something in between and is my personal favorite, it tastes like not-too-sweet baby food.

About health concerns … I checked the list of nutritions (for Joylent and Queal) with my physician and got a positive respone from her: “If this is all they put inside, this can only be good for you.”, but she also said that she can not imagine someone eating only this for years.

There are some people that eat just soylent for more than 6 months and are still alive and kicking to tell us that on their blogs. You can probably eat it for your whole life, but don’t - steaks are just too delicious. I, personaly, was searching for food that is healthy and quick to make, because, I never have time for breakfast, therefore soylent was an easy choice.

And it is worth mentioning that you can create your own soylent with the help of this web page, where you choose nutritions of your choosing and balance them perfectly.